Project facts

  • 25 employees from 6 teams
  • Project duration: April until October
  • Circulation: 1500 pieces
  • Color consumption: 24 kg


  • 2019 - Gregor Award of Excellence
  • 2018 - Gregor Award of Excellence
  • 2018 - Gold Gregor Award
  • 2017 - Silver Gregor Award
  • 2016 - Gregor Award of Excellence

Download the VISIR calendar motifsDownload the VISIR calendar motifs

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We make

digital reality

an experience.

Create highlights.

Inspire emotions.

The VISIR calendar project provides a platform to us beyond customer projects where we can surpass limits and develop something new. Consisting of a calendar produced by analog means and an app, it creates a completely new visual experience. The VISIR calendar shows the impressive experiences that cross-media applications facilitate – and the creative potential within our team.

Download calendar motifsDownload calendar motifs

Premium quality
extends to our methodology!

Crazy ideas? Quirky content? Unusual perspectives? We challenge ourselves to come up with the best concepts and we use the appropriate methods in each case. We have all the resources we need at our disposal, including Design Thinking, agile project management and material databases.

dream team

For this project, each year we put together a cross-functional team of different specialists in virtual engineering. Each member brings his or her own creative abilities as well as a shared passion for perfect results. This is how we set new standards in the virtual data world, year after year.

VISIR team – 3D data & CGI

Who is Who Who is Who

A result

that rocks!

Each month, the VISIR calendar has new 360° views, augmented reality elements, virtual reality games, lighting effects and much more. Simply load the app, set up your virtual reality glasses, scan the calendar page … and get ready to be surprised!

Download calendar motifsDownload calendar motifs


Following the Award of Excellence in 2016 and the Silver Award in 2017, we won two awards in 2018: the Gregor Calendar Award in Gold as well as the Award of Excellence. This year we won as well as the Gregor Calendar Award of Excellence for Best Overall Production Performance.

To the Gregor AwardTo the Gregor Award

We’re waiting impatiently for the next update…”, “very impressive pictures…”, “outrageous animations…”, “seems so real…

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