Project facts

  • Innovative approaches
  • Internal and external projects
  • Mindset-multiplier
  • Our own coaches
  • Design Thinking room
  • To your contact person

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Developing new ideas
with a focus on the user.

Design Thinking
in action

To detect problems and prevent blindness to our own organizational deficiencies, we use Design Thinking on ourselves. We question everyday problems and consider them from different angles. We integrate new colleagues with different areas of expertise. Through a positive culture of mistakes, we achieve constant improvements. All this drives our success. Because there are no standard solutions for innovation processes; standing still is not an option.

Compatibility of economic viability and feasibility

Solution-oriented approach

during implementation

Breaking up old ways of thinking and working also means opening doors. To achieve this, we show our clients where there is added value and spark their interest. Our own excitement about Design Thinking is contagious. We drive each project forward, together with our clients, with lots of enthusiasm.

Our services

We offer our clients a range of Design Thinking-related services:

  • DT coaches with various kinds of training
  • Methodical knowledge
  • Design Thinking room
  • WS experience
  • WS and prototyping material
  • New mindset
  • Customer experience which allows us to respond precisely to your needs
  • Technical background for later implementation from a single provider
  • Distinctive trend and digitalization know-how
  • Strong user focus

In the name of all participants I would like to thank you again for your professional workshop. Your moderation and methods really took us a step forward.

Preparing for digitalization.

Digitalization changes our working world and we change with it – we need to be swift, flexible and competent. The consequence for us has been introducing Design Thinking into our company. It allows us not only to shape technological advances, but also to achieve a new way of thinking for ourselves and our customers.

Design Thinking allows us to recognize the problems which both our new and long-termcustomers face and develop appropriate solutions. This is important to us, because as anexperienced partner in product data management we want to go beyond simply fulfilling theexpectations of our customers.

Methodology to solve complex problems

Always at the forefront: the needs of our customers

It was really a pleasure working with you. We made a great experience and worked out some great ideas which we're already working on.

solutions for
our customers

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