Engineering Hub

The Engineering Hub enables collaborative sessions using 3D data in an interactive Virtual Reality - environment, globally available and without any necessary data preparation.

It provides its users with the full potential of Virtual Reality, no matter whether they are using VR hardware or a company laptop.

Get in touch with your 3D data

All features have been implemented to provide the best user experience in Virtual Reality.

Worldwide collaboration

End-to-end encription ensures privacy and security for your session.
Scalable no matter whether
hosted On-premises or

One-click import of CAD data

Import your CAD data without any
data conversion. Just with

3D annotations

Create and export 3D annotations
to use them as marks
or CAD pattern.


Have you ever wanted to see your simulation results animated?
Use the power of moving images
to emphasize your


You can save your customized
scene and reload it later.


With our own VR presentation
format you can create
complex presentations.

Do we have your interest?

Get in contact with us and stay tuned. Closed beta is coming soon!

Hold meetings

Bring out the best of your session
and show images, clips,
presentations and even
PDF files.

Section & Inspect

Get in touch with your 3D data
and use basic CAD functions
in Virtual Reality.

Select & Move

Selecting one or multiple parts
and moving them independently.
Move them free or with locked
axis and reassemble
your scene.


You can create your own 3D
data library, so you can repeatedly
import the exact same part.


Need a quick impression of measurements? Using the super
easy measuring tool provides you
with precise measurements
in virtual space.


The sculpting feature is the
easiest way to create
volumetric drafts.