Data is our passion. With our experience in product and mobility data – complemented by our expertise in visualization and virtual reality – we shape the digital reality of the future. We make data an experience.

Stefan Rosenwald, CEO

While product data management is our core, digitalization is our challenge. We are passionate about supporting Daimler in these areas.
We’re proud of what we’ve achieved in the past – but looking to the future is critical for us. Because we still have a long way to go.

Antonio Del Mondo, (CFO)

The digital diversity of our product data is increasing rapidly. Our ambition is to master the complexity and generate sustainable solutions for Daimler AG.

Kai Fischer
Division Manager PLM::Engineering

New technologies. Agile working methods. Substantial know-how. As an equal partner we support our clients so that they can use the opportunities of digitalization efficiently, quickly and successfully.

Ulrich Linder
Division Manager PLM::Sales/After-Sales

To fulfill our commitment to excellence, we strive for a culture of excellence.

Our values of enthusiasm, appreciation, integrity and discipline navigate us towards this goal.

Günther J.C. Drägerhof
Head of Governance & CRM

Daimler Protics

Our management

The know-how and commitment of our employees are the keys to our success. That’s why we rely on a team-oriented corporate culture and the continuous training of our employees.

Barbara Eberhardinger, Head of Human Resources

With our outstanding expertise of product and process data, we create new opportunities for the future-oriented positioning of Daimler AG. Digitalization is progressing and we’re actively shaping it.

Uwe Sekyt
Division Manager PLM::Production

We develop groundbreaking services and products not only through innovative technology, but above all through the enthusiasm and motivation of our team.

Bernd Kounovsky
Division Manager ::Virtual Engineering