Our Management

A conversation about data, digitalization of production processes and sustainable mobility

Five questions to Antonio Del Mondo

We are the data specialists in the Daimler Group and support the digitization of the entire value chain. What does Daimler Protics stand for for you?

AdM: We are Daimler Protics. We are a strong team. With our almost 20 years of experience in IT data, we are the connecting element between IT and operational customer needs. Digitalization and connectivity open up a universe of possibilities.

Our claim "Data driven by Passion" stands for the passion of our work. What motivates you personally to do a good job?

AdM: Data is everywhere. Numerous opportunities lie in the connection of data. In Finance & Controlling, too, the speed increases to effective actions from the analysis of data. The task will be to translate data on partially complex analytics models into understandable information and recommendations for action. This increases efficiency and effectiveness. Acting in the sense of our customers and concluding with the best possible result drives me personally.

You are responsible for almost 700 employees.Which mindset is important in your eyes for the long-term success and the future of Daimler Protics?

AdM: Our mindset: We are driven to win. Optimism, performance and flexibility are important to me, and that we all have the same understanding. We can all be carefully to think and act entrepreneurially.

The Daimler Group relies on a sustainable and Co2 neutral future with its business strategy. What benefit do we offer with our digital services and products to achieve the goal?

AdM: With regard to achieving sustainable and CO2 neutral production, we create supportive framework conditions such as our contribution to electrics/electronics, digital twin and digital factory. We move from the value chain to a value creation cycle and support the data-based process in which we derive information and link it sensibly.

In order to maintain our competitiveness and adapt the current economic framework conditions, we have developed an update of our corporate strategy. What strategic direction will we pursue in the future?

AdM: Based on the strategy update from Mercedes-Benz, we as Daimler Protics have also set our strategic course. We focus on seven strategic fields of action. An important core topic is "Performance Culture". We look at how we can make processes even more efficient and leaner in the company in the future. The aim is to create ideal conditions for our team in order to be able to continuously develop and increase customer benefits.